Jeers to the new mask mandate. I’m beyond excited to cover my face in fabric again because our school district can’t just go red or hybrid for two weeks, especially after tons of students have been traveling all summer.  

We’re all hoping that this horrible injustice will end soon.

— Jeers

Jeers to the fact that we have to wear masks and social distance in school, but when it comes to a football game with tons of people packed together for hours, we have absolutely no issues with everything being wide open.

Jeers to hot drinks that are too hot to drink. Come on, people. What in the world is the point of a drink that will burn your taste buds off? 

Jeers to journalism adviser Justin Spencer not wearing his Allen Iverson 76ers jersey. In the journalism classroom for the past three years Spencer has worn a jersey to encourage us to “Trust the Process,” but we have yet to see it this school year.