U.S. should get involved in Ukraine-Russian affairs in order to protect democracy

Drew McCarthy, Staff Writer

As of right now, America is the only global superpower, and the policeman of the world. They are a beacon of freedom and democracy. With this in mind, they set an example by dealing with corrupt and violent countries. Russia is just one of these corrupt countries proven by the recent actions involving Ukraine. 

Because of Russia’s vicious authoritarianism, it is America’s job to repel these harsh attacks on its ally Ukraine. 

— Staff Writer Drew McCarthy

Russia and Ukraine are butting heads, to put it lightly. Ukraine and Russia have been in a conflict for about seven years. Following the Ukrainian revolution in 2014, there was the annexation of Crimea, and Russia’s support and backing of the Donetsk People’s Republic. All of this has built up hatred between Russia and Ukraine. Currently, Russia is provoking Ukraine by placing troops on their border.

In 1991, Boris Yeltsin, the former dictator of Russia, went against his pledge to install popularly sovereign democracy and instead enacted an authoritarian constitution. His predecessor, Vladimir Putin, came into power and has rigged every election since. 

In Russia there are no fair elections, free media, or free speech. In fact, there is constant harassment of the political opposition of Putin. Because of Russia’s vicious authoritarianism, it is America’s job to repel these harsh attacks on its ally Ukraine. 

Conflict between them is at its worst since 2014 in the Russo-Ukrainian War. According to Ukraine, Russia has put nearly 100,000 troops along its border. This is a complete and utter violation of peace and an obvious provocation. 

Ukraine, which has a population of 45 million, wants to be a sovereign, independent, and democratic state. As a defender of freedom and democracy, the U.S. supports them. We are allies with Ukraine, creating a political obligation to defend them. 

The conservation of Ukrainian democracy and sovereignty of its people should be guarded with alacrity by using financial, political, and military aid. America can put its foot in the door between Ukraine and Russia by inserting its political ambassadors in order to discuss peace and long lasting cooperation.

Financial aid to Ukraine should be given, specifically for their military. This should provide a greater defense on their border, similar to America funding the Iron Dome in Israel, which is appropriately effective in carrying out its objective.

However, if both steps fail and the forces of Russia begin to take over, an ultimate decision should be made. America should deploy troops and fleets of military-grade vehicles.

This is all in the sake of upholding democracy, protecting a precious ally, and getting rid of an evil entity that continues to persist.