Summer, each year’s best season

Allyssa Daigle, Staff Writer

Summertime is the best. With school being out and enjoying some fun in the sun, nothing could be better! 

Just think about laying on the beach, the sun hitting your skin and feeling the warm rays embrace you. Personally, I think summer is the best season.

Summer does not require gifts, just memories.

— Staff Writer Allyssa Daigle

What do you think about when you think of winter? All I can think of is the flu, chapped lips, and midterms to stress about. 

It is always freezing in the mornings on the way to school, and the wind pierces through your skin, making the whole situation worse. You then have to sit in your car and wait for it to heat up, shivering and bundled up in your layers of jackets.

In summer, you do not have chapped lips or midterms. You are out of school! You can go to the beach, get some ice cream, and hang out with friends without having those several missing assignments hanging over your head.

You then have to sit in your car and wait for it to heat up, shivering and bundled up in your layers of jackets.

— Staff Writer Allyssa Daigle

You do not have to wear multiple layers of stiff jackets, which is much more comfortable in my opinion. Here in Georgia, summers tend to get very humid. Sometimes it is too hot to go outside. 

However, that does not mean it is like that in every state. Once you head up north, the summers are beautiful with fresh cool air and the perfect amount of sunshine.

Winter is not all bad, though. You get to start fires, make hot cocoa, and have an excuse to cuddle with that someone special. We also cannot forget Christmas! Christmas time with friends and family is always a blast, getting and receiving gifts, and spending quality time with them.

Do not forget about the stress of Christmas time though. You spend so much time and money finding all of these gifts only to have them use it for a month and forget about it. You feel accomplished and happy at the end of Christmas, but at what cost? You just spent your life savings on items your loved ones probably already own.

Summer just has an amazing vibe…

— Staff Writer Allyssa Daigle

Summer does not require gifts, just memories. Whether that’s going on a road trip with friends, going shopping, or trying new foods, you make memories you will keep forever.

Over the years, I have realized that I have had the most fun during the summer when family would visit or I traveled with my loved ones. Summer just has an amazing vibe, and everyone cannot wait for it to come around.