Winter, better than summer

Jax Rainey, Staff Writer

Everyone has their favorite seasons. Some people prefer the warm embrace of spring, or maybe the nice breezes in fall, but with seasons comes their unavoidable weather. 

A lot of people, like myself, would prefer to bundle up in the winter and possibly get to enjoy the occasional snowfall, but others like Staff Writer Allyssa Daigle would prefer to sweat through their clothes in the summer heat.

[A]nything is better than dealing with the summer heat of Georgia.”

— Staff Writer Jax Rainey

Although arguing over whether or not I prefer being too cold or too hot may seem trivial, I believe we could both agree that anything is better than dealing with the summer heat of Georgia. 

The heat that comes with summer is its own issue in itself, but it is not the only inconvenience that arises when the seasons change. Some people may say that summer is beautiful, especially with all the wildlife you can see from just outside your house, but I would disagree. 

They are bugs absolutely everywhere, if you ever want to take a nice walk in a large grass field you will definitely inhale your fair share of gnats. If you ever want to go hiking you will have to worry about stepping on an anthill, or placing your hand on a spider. 

[I]t will feel like your skin itself is being peeled away from the seat.”

— Staff Writer Jax Rainey

Along with this is the large amount of wildlife you could encounter. I will agree that seeing deer out on the cart path or hearing song birds chirping is pleasant. You also have to worry about some unwanted guests. 

Snakes are common throughout Peachtree City, especially the venomous type. What if you wanted to go dip your feet into your local river to try and escape the heat? Or maybe you would like to go fishing with your friends to pass the time? Well, if you plan on doing any of those things, I would suggest keeping an eye out for the large amount of copperheads and cottonmouth snakes that line the water edges during the summer. 

Maybe you are not fond of swimming or hiking, and you just want to enjoy a leisurely drive on your golf cart while catching a nice breeze. Well, if you plan on doing these things then I hope you are not wearing shorts. 

Once you sit up it will feel like your skin itself is being peeled away from the seat. The worst part is, it is not only golf cart seats. If you take a seat on most anything outside, you will be sure to experience this very unpleasant feeling.

With summer comes summer break, which I know we can all appreciate, since none of us will have to deal with the stress that comes with school. We can finally enjoy our hobbies, or driving around with friends while you just enjoy the few months of freedom we all have. 

The only problem being that it is the absolute worst going anywhere in the summer. Sure, you may catch a nice breeze while out on a golf cart, but you will never be able to escape the intense summer humidity. 

No matter what day you go out, or what time, you will always be left feeling sticky and gross after just taking a few steps outside your house. Taking your car out may seem like an easy fix to this problem, but even then you still will not be able to escape the heat. 

Stepping into a car that has been sitting outside is like stepping into an oven itself. If you end up touching the metal part of your seatbelt while trying to buckle up, you will surely get burned. 

It is clear that summer cannot compete with winter, even though we have school. You can walk anywhere in the woods without having to deal with bugs, snakes, and the grueling summer heat. 

Plus, you get to bundle up, enjoy conventional things like hot chocolate, and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.