Voting age should be increased

Drew McCarthy, Staff Writer

In a world where the government controls most things in one’s life, voting is very important. Because we are putting people in charge of our lives, we should also try to research what they plan on doing with that power. It is important that we choose the very best candidate that we see fit.

It is often a struggle to get people to simply research the candidate they want to vote for.”

— Staff Writer Drew McCarthy

Going about figuring the best candidate is an option some people do not take. They hear about who their friend thinks is the best candidate and just go with that. It is often a struggle to get people to simply research the candidate they want to vote for.

This can all stem from one thing: immaturity. The current legal voting age is 18 in America. Although that age is legally the best option because of requirements in the Constitution, it is not the best in practice. More and more young people are voting, which is in some ways problematic. 

At 18 years old, one is getting nearer to that plateau of maturity. Humans do not reach full maturity until 25 years old. This means that tons of immature people are voting in elections each year. 

Even if we disregard maturity, as one grows older, unless prohibited by a disability, it is impossible to not learn more information. Everyday the brain constantly takes in information. Any arbitrary age could replace the current voting age. However, with every day one receives information, the more apt that person is to vote.

Older age often correlates with a larger bank of wisdom.”

— Staff Writer Drew McCarthy

Twenty-five happens to be an age where most individuals who have gone to college have graduated. College increases many statistics relating to intelligence and knowledge-based skills. This could be a vital factor in bringing the utmost potential out of American politics.

This means that although 25 would be a prime age to increase the voting age to, any amount of time helps due to how much information one can receive. This would surely be beneficial to America as more educated individuals will be able to participate in significant political action.

An increase in the voter age would boost the average intelligence of the voter base and would therefore better the political decisions affecting America. Older age often correlates with a larger bank of wisdom.

With a slight increase in legal voting age, a fair amount of change could be injected into the political world. Creating a healthy environment in which educated and mature individuals can express their right to vote and affect America’s well-being for the better.