The Amazing Spider-Man saves the day

Bella Gorman, Staff Writer

You have been waiting since Monday for this. It is finally the weekend, and you get to watch the new Spider-Man movie with a group of friends or family. After about two hours, you leave the theater with delight, chatting about the cliff-hanger ending. Sound familiar? Well, duh, of course it does! 

From his character to his movies, there are endless reasons why Spider-Man is the best superhero.”

— Staff Writer Bella Gorman

What is not to love about Spider-Man? From his character to his movies, there are endless reasons why Spider-Man is the best superhero.

The Spider-Man movies are extremely popular and suitable for all ages. There are nine movies total, including the animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” where Spider-Man is played by four different actors. 

Fans tend to argue who the “best” Spider-Man is, as the films are quite popular. In fact, the most recent movie, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was the second top-grossing movie in 2022 and incorporates a crossover of the Spider-Man actors including Toby McGuire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. How can you beat that?

Relatability also plays into the admiration fans have for this teen superhero. Spider-Man is an average high school boy who deals with normal conflicts, including homework, bullying, and girls. The only difference between him and us is his powers. Throughout the series, Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s human name, navigates growing up as he develops into a young man. 

There cannot be a superhero without tragedy. Similar to many other fictional characters, both of Peter Parker’s parents died in a crash when he was young. As if this was not enough death for the series, his uncle dies before his eyes as well, and in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” so does his aunt. These misfortunes make Spider-Man stronger and more impressive to the fans. 

Who else would the best superhero be besides Spider-Man? He is a fan favorite for his relatability, strength, and action-packed movies. 

Other superheroes cannot beat him. He is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!