Buccaneers hunt Falcons

Drew McCarthy, Editor

Before any arguments are made — Yes, I ride the bandwagon. Not only that but I do not follow football as much as most football fans. However, I am not ignorant to the success of football teams. Even then it is obvious to even the most uninformed football fans that the Buccaneers are better than the Falcons.

Let’s start with last season’s record and other important events in the past. The 2021-22 season Buccaneers ended with a 13-4 record. The Falcons fell behind with a 7-10 record, a record not even good enough to make the playoffs, let alone contend for a championship.

Both teams have been to the Super Bowl twice, but the only difference is the Buccaneers have won both times.

— Editor Drew McCarthy

How many Super Bowls have the Falcons won? Zero. How many have the Buccaneers won? Two. Both teams have been to the Super Bowl twice, but the only difference is the Buccaneers have won both times. 

Presently, the pre-season is going on so it is not defined who is doing better in the current season. However, through predictions we can figure out who is more likely to win. It is predicted that the Bucs next season will end with a 14-3 record, and include defeating the Falcons twice.

Another source predicts the NFC win totals for the 2022-23 season. Based off of win totals, they not only have the Buccaneers as the Division Champions but they have the Falcons finishing last in the NFC South. Sources claim that the Bucs will win at least 11 games, while the Falcons will only manage five wins.

With a closer at the team themselves, the Buccaneer offensive line has a clear advantage. According to OL analyst Brandon Thorn, the Buccaneers have a “Top 5 caliber line” this season. The same thing cannot be said for the Falcons. 

There is no contest at the quarterback position. Tom Brady came out of retirement due to “unfinished business” and has decided to lead the Bucs once again. Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time. It would be hard to be bad with a quarterback like Tom Brady.

The Bucs have also beefed up the defensive line. Former Bears DL Akiem Hicks and veteran DL Deadrin Senat have been added to make the Bucs a “tough out” to score against.

Although there are a lot of factors as to what makes a team good, the Bucs skilled roster seals the deal. The Falcons would have no chance of beating them now or in the future.