Cheers to the Atlanta Falcons for actually winning a game. This feels like a once and a lifetime experience. 

Cheers to foreign exchange student Agnes Sorensen’s home country of Denmark winning against France in soccer. It is great to see the perspective of sports globally in our first period class. 

Cheers to the Dragon Boat racing this past weekend on Lake Peachtree. Editor Cecily Shaber does want to point out though that dragon boat racing is not rowing. 

Cheers to breakfast burritos. Breakfast is all wrapped together nicely in a burrito, that you can take with you anywhere. 

Cheers to Staff Writer Jax Rainey finally getting a job. We do not have to listen to him complain about being broke anymore. Although, with the way he goes through concession stand nachos, we are not sure how far that paycheck will stretch. 

Cheers to Assistant Principal Andrea Freeman. She had the dreadful job of trying to contain middle schoolers at a high school football game. On that same note: Parents, school events are not free babysitting for children that are not old enough to go to Starr’s Mill.