Jeers to inflation. Why are we still having to jeer this? Fix it. 

Jeers to the multiple fires starting in Peachtree City and Fayetteville. Do we have an invisible dragon trying to ruin our lives? 

Jeers to Nazis shooting up a school. Once again, why is this still a thing? I thought we made it pretty clear after World War II that the world does not support and will not tolerate Nazism. 

Jeers to an earthquake that happened in Mexico City. This earthquake happened on the anniversary of earthquakes that killed thousands of people in 1985 and 2017. 

Jeers to college application season. Why is there so much involved? It would be nice if we could just send our transcripts, essays, and test scores. Instead, it is like they need to know everything from your name to when your great grandma lost her first tooth. 

Jeers to college stereotypes. Who does not love the disapproving stare you get after saying you do not plan on taking a traditional four-year route?