DC is more iconic

Micah Freeman, Staff Writer

When you think about heroes, the first image that comes to many people’s heads is that of Superman and Batman. This goes to show that DC is more iconic and a better franchise than Marvel.

With DC characters, you have characters you can admire. In characters like Batman, you have a man who, despite all his trouble, becomes a hero and creates a family for himself. While the heroes of Marvel are relatable, when you need a hero, you need someone you can aspire to, and DC characters are those kinds of heroes.

Marvel might have the Cinematic Universe and everything tied to it, but when it comes to television, DC is superior. Shows like “The Flash,” “Arrow,” and “Legends of Tomorrow” all come together to form their own universe. While Marvel does have TV shows, they do not feel as connected as DC’s TV outings.

With the iconic heroes of DC, there also needs to be iconic villains. Luckily they have exactly that, characters like the Joker, Lex Luthor, and Cheetah. These characters have interesting backstories for their need to be villains. Joker, for example, gets his start after having a bad day. These backstories serve to humanize these characters. 

Marvel villains usually have the same type of backstory – either a science experiment gone wrong or just being evil just because they want to. DC villains also show the worst of humanity. They are greedy, crime lords, or psychopaths. These elements make these villains really interesting. 

While the heroes of DC are admirable figures, they also are down to earth. They have their traumas and struggles. An example of this is Jason Todd, the Red Hood. Jason suffers from PTSD after dying at the hands of Joker. This shows that even the strongest of us have troubles. 

DC also has representation for many ethnicities including Cyborg, Kyle Rainer, Blue Beetle, and Avery Ho. DC also has many LGBT representatives. Characters like Tim Drake, Jon Kent, and Harley Quinn are all bisexual.

Marvel might have a grasp on current pop culture but DC has had a greater long-term impact. Shows like the 1960s Batman and 1970s Wonder Woman are parts of that generation’s childhood. Kids grew up with the DC cartoons in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Some kids grew up watching Teen Titans. Marvel may be more popular now, but everyone knows some DC characters.

Due to the iconography of its characters, DC is clearly superior to Marvel.