Marvel is just better

Crista Alarcon, Staff Writer

While DC is the original superhero company, Marvel is the one selling out theaters on an almost yearly basis.

First of all, Marvel characters are a lot more relatable and have more character development. For example, we get characters that have flaws and that go through real-life issues unlike how in DC, these characters tend to be portrayed as more perfect. Not only that but we also tend to see these heroes and villains have families and we see them change and grow as the movies continue.

Also, Marvel movies have made more impact on 21st-century pop culture. While DC has been around for longer movie-wise, Marvel has made entire universes worth of series. Spiderman has always been an iconic hero that people tend to look up to. They also now have a park at Disney that has become a huge success.

Not only that but Marvel has also made so many iconic characters like the ones that make up the Avengers.  Iron-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk are part of the best team of heroes that all come from extremely different backgrounds that help deepen how good the movies are. 

Marvel’s villains also portray real-life issues. Scarlett Witch, Thanos, and truly any Spiderman villain all have great backstories and many reasons as well as fluctuating morals to be villains. We also get to see how these villains came to be.

Whether it is on the Avengers, X-Men, or neither, there is probably a Marvel character you will relate to. Marvel shows characters like America Chavez, Shang-Chi, Black Panther, Kingo, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel that are all of different ethnicities and races. 

Some characters portray grief and emotions in many different ways.  For example, Wanda grieving for her kids turns her into a person who is willing to do anything to have them back, Thor going through a time where all he would do was drink and play video games, and Hawkeye became a vigilante out of grief for his family.

And finally, while DC is having a hard time financially, Marvel Studios is extremely successful, especially after its $4 billion purchase by Disney, and has a net worth of $53 billion. Marvel´s average revenue per movie is about $716 million and has made around $7.1 billion worldwide. 

If you ask most teenagers who their favorite superhero is, they will probably answer with a hero better than DC, a Marvel hero.