Cheers to Homecoming week dress up days. An extra special cheer to the seniors who did  generations day instead of Adam Sandler. 

Cheers to this being the first normal Homecoming week since 2019. This is the first time all  underclassmen have gotten to experience this. 

Cheers to car heaters on cold mornings. Imagine getting into a nice and toasty car with seat warmers on, when it is anything less than 40 degrees out. Heavenly. 

Cheers to Taylor Swift’s new album “Midnights.” I would try and explain the brilliance that is this album, but then you would be reading this for days, so just go stream it. 

Cheers to our boys and girls cross-country teams who both placed first in their respective races. Both teams are now set up to go to state and compete for the state championship.

Cheers to good lunches. What better way to get you excited for the rest of the day than a yummy lunch?