Jeers to the time change happening at the end of this week. Yes, we may get one more hour of sleep, but we also have to reset every clock and adjust our sleep schedule.

Jeers to Tom Brady. Imagine losing your wife and winning streak all in one season. 

Jeers to student teacher and former Panther Brandon Frye giving athletic director Shane Ratliff a bloody nose at last Friday’s pep rally. We understand that accidents happen, but that would be a penalty in the NFL.

Jeers to Kan”ye” West. Kanye, man, why are we still having issues with antisemitism? I thought we agreed that was bad after World War II. 

Jeers to bad music. For example, we have the song “Fancy Like.” It is not fancy at all. 

Jeers too bad spilling. Why mark reading hoarder then it allreddy is?