Cheers to winter break last week. However, it certainly felt more like spring break as I drove the golf cart to Lake Peachtree in shorts and a t-shirt. I thought it was February!

Cheers to Pedro Pascal. He is the star of two new major television shows, including “The Last of Us,” a show based on a video game about mushroom-zombies, and “The Mandalorian,” of which season three will soon be released.

Cheers to the beach. Do not worry, once you stop peeling like a Pillsbury Flaky Layers Biscuit, the sunburn should turn into a tan. Dermatologist confirmed.

Cheers to fruit coming into season. For some reason, fruit decides to be better around this time of year, so get it while you can.

Cheers to discount clothing. Why pay full price for name brand when you can get the same product marked down at the end of the month, or get a dupe off Amazon? Be cool without making your wallet hurt.