Cheers to the four-day weekend coming up. We are not sure exactly what this extraneous break is for, but thanks to county personnel for throwing us a bone.

[T]hanks to county personnel for throwing us a bone.

Cheers to prom dresses. There are just so many beautiful options, and prom is the opportunity to dress up to the max.

Cheers to the Oscars. The evening was amazing in so many ways. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” won a whopping seven awards, and the announcers were iconic.

Cheers to EOCs. They will take the place of regular exams for those courses that have an EOC. One less test for us!

Cheers to Kennesaw State men’s basketball. The team made it into the March Madness bracket for the first time ever, and they are the only school representing Georgia this year. Go Owls!