Jeers to daylight savings. Spoiler alert, we are not actually saving any daylight.

Spoiler alert, we are not actually saving any daylight.”

Jeers to the stress that accompanies prom season. It is coming up so quickly, and preparations need to be made. What group are you going with? What will your outfit be? Why is prom so expensive?

Jeers to men’s fashion. There is shockingly little variety. So excited to see every male in the exact same black tuxedo at prom while all the girls have their own very unique and beautiful outfit.

Jeers to fake spring. The last few weeks, we have had sunny, 70-degree weather, and the pollen even showed itself in full strength, but that snippet was an imposter! Georgia has made a relapse to winter with a 20-degree drop in average temperature from last week.

Jeers to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. This, of course, has adverse effects. With some government intervention, it looks like it will work out.