Jeers to technology becoming a little too autonomous. Terminator: Part VII is on the horizon, or maybe just a new age of students cheating on assignments with AI.

Jeers to having to pay extra for a side of Chipotle chips. What, I’m expected to pay for my food?

Jeers to the 2000s. The monochrome sweatsuits, ultra low-waisted jeans, and absurd premises aired on television shows during this decade should have been avoided. We support Y2K.

Jeers to monarchy. Get with the times, Great Britain.

Jeers to the screenwriters strike. Yeah, go get what you deserve, but now the common people have to suffer from lack of new media.

Jeers to the driver’s license process in Georgia. Seventeen-year-olds who haven’t started the learner’s permit process are left in a bit of a pickle.