Teen country duo captures southern life


Brianna Payne

Maddie & Tae are an up-and-coming country duo whose first album, “Start Here” was released August 2015.

Brianna Payne, Staff Writer

If you’re a true country guy or girl looking to find current and catchy music, Maddie & Tae is a growing country music duo that is as southern as they come.

Listening to Maddie & Tae will make you feel as if you’re in the deep south, wearing cowboy boots and cut-off jeans. Listening to the duo’s relatable, new music allows the listener a fun, fresh escape from the world.

According to their official website, Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye met in high school and, after graduating, moved to Nashville, Tennessee. The two began their music career working with songwriter Aaron Scherz and Big Machine Records.

Maddie and Tae were the first to sign with the label in June of 2014. Scherz and the girls co-wrote their first single, “A Girl in a Country Song.” The single debuted in July 2014 and reached No. 1 by Dec. 20 on the Country Airplay chart.

Maddie and Tae then co-wrote “Fly,” one of their most recent songs, released in January 2015. The song gained notoriety when the girls performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “Fly” is a slower, more personal song by Maddie & Tae. The single gives off an inspirational feeling while listening, and it’s a great song to serve to ease audiences into country music.

They released their full album, “Start Here,” in August 2015, and it made the top 10 on Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay by October 2015.

Maddie & Tae’s most popular song from the album, “A Girl in a Country Song,” is an upbeat tune and typical for a pop-country song. The girls have a sassy attitude throughout this single, and it is overall a pleasant listen.

A lot like “A Girl in a Country Song,” Maddie & Tae’s single “Shut Up and Fish” is a cheery tune about one of the girls supposedly fishing with a city boy. The song plays of a common southern hobby to relate to their specific audience.

Some of Maddie & Tae’s less popular songs are good listens as well. “Sierra” is similar to the other songs in mood, but the lyrics tell about a girl who they feel will deal with bad karma in the future for being a bad friend and altogether a bad person.

“Smoke” starts off slow but slightly picks up during the chorus. The song compares a boy to smoke, and it leaves listeners feeling mellow and relaxed.

Musically, Maddie & Tae brings nothing new to country music. Their melodies are like any other country song with acoustic guitars and a redundant southern twang. However, their uniqueness comes in the form of how it reaches the younger country music fans through the lyrics of their songs involving topics like living a simpler life and relationship ups and downs.

Maddie & Tae definitely appeals to the younger country listeners and will had a pop flair for long-time country fans.