It’s that time of year…again!


Lucie Belvin

Because of their versatility, accessories can be a good gift idea for one’s significant other this holiday season.

Lucie Belvin, Staff Writer

Christmas time has rolled around once again. Students try to figure out what to get their family, friends, and sometimes their significant other. Shopping for a boyfriend or girlfriend tends to be harder because everything has to be sentimental.

When it comes to shopping for a girlfriend or boyfriend for Christmas there are usually two options. One option is to go “mainstream,” which is something that people normally buy for their girlfriend/boyfriend, or they can go on a more personalized route. “My mainstream option for a girl would be jewelry, but if I wanted it to be more personalized I would put some pictures of things we have done together in a collage,” junior Michael Fletcher said.

When it comes to guys, there are many options to choose from: clothes, watches, shoes, gift cards. “I would most likely get my boyfriend t-shirts from Southern Fried Cotton,” junior Gabi Ramkissoon said. Southern Fried Cotton is a popular T-shirt brand that many students at the Mill wear.

In addition, everyone knows how much guys like shoes. Many different styles of Nike and Adidas shoes are a trendy items seen on students lately. These can be found online or at any local shoe store. “I would probably get Nike or Adidas shoes for my boyfriend,” junior Rachel Terrell said.

A great store that has great options for both boys and girls is Country Club Prep. This store has many different selections of brand T-shirts, dressy shirts, shoes, and much more. “I also might go to Country Club Prep and see if I could find pullovers for him,” Terrell said.

Some people might want to switch it up and not buy clothes, and instead make something artsy.

It seems that girls tend to be more artsy and creative when it comes to giving presents for their girlfriend or boyfriend. “If I am feeling a little creative I might write a cute letter with pictures along with the other stuff,” Terrell said.

Not only are T-shirts, jewelry, crafts, and shoes a great gift to get someone, but girls also like cute outfits for Christmas. “I would try out that Lizard Thicket store because I know a lot of girls shop their,” Fletcher said. Lizard Thicket is one of the most popular boutiques in Peachtree City.

The trending outfits that are in style this season are sweaters with leggings, scarves, tops with designs on them, and boots. One of the latest fashion trends that have caught many girls’ attention are thigh-high boots. These can be worn with over-sized sweaters or even a cute dress.

These styles and ideas are great for the gift-giving time of year. Now, buying friends, family, and significant others presents can be slightly less stressful. Happy holidays!