Former Panther releases Christmas album

Stephanie Madsen

On Nov. 1, Stephanie Madsen released her new Christmas album to the public on her website, Ever since middle school, Madsen has had a burning passion for music, and over the past summer, she decided that a Christmas album would be something her listeners would appreciate.

Ashton Long, Staff Writer

There is a cheery and sweet voice on the other line of the interview. The girl behind the voice holds a cell phone in one hand and a crayon with the other coloring superheroes with her two sons. Her smile is heard through the speaker as she grows excited to share her love for singing and songwriting.

“I [have] loved music ever since I was little, and my mom really pushed me into pursuing it when I was in middle school,” singer-songwriter Stephanie Madsen said.

Talent does not come naturally to others, but for Madsen, her mother saw talent at an early age and encouraged her daughter to pursue voice lessons in middle school. Madsen’s mother knew her shy little girl could do a whole lot with her amazing voice.

Madsen grew up in the Peachtree City “Bubble” and attended Starr’s Mill High School in 2002. With her head start in voice lessons and a passion for singing, she entered choir, musicals, pageants, and talent shows. They inspired her to take her next steps toward the future: becoming a singer-songwriter.

When Madsen lived in Texas, she took coaching lessons to become a musician,  singer-songwriter, and producer. Her lessons allowed her to learn new skills from her coach. “[Chuck Davies] is the one who helped me learn, progress, and really capitalize on my strengths,” Madsen said.

Her burning passion for singing, songwriting, and producing pushed Madsen to release some of her own songs on the internet. With the availability of public browsing, Youtube and Instagram helped put her name out there. She was able to create her website, release two songs each month, and keep in contact with her supporters about their opinion on her music.

Madsen knew that her supporters would like a Christmas album. Over this past summer, she said that she was sitting in her lawn chair near the pool when she thought about creating one. She was inspired by Liz Longley and knew she could write an original Christmas song and fill the rest of her album with covers.

“I rolled with it. I knew that it was something that my supporters [would] love to hear,” Madsen said. “My music would be something I would want, so I wanted to please them.”

On Nov. 1, Madsen released her new Christmas album for her supporters.

Madsen’s music can be found here: