Don’t freeze your fitness plan

Students at the Mill stay active during winter months


Lilly Carter

Regardless of temperature, Starr’s Mill students can be found outside participating in countless sports and extracurricular activities. Staying active in cold weather can often be difficult, but it is an important aspect of remaining healthy, both mentally and physically, year round.

Claire Goins, Staff Writer

For many people, cold weather seems to be one of the least favored side effects of the winter season. Along with being uncomfortable and problematic, it makes even the easiest tasks difficult and bothersome. For students trying to exercise or just get out of the house, it is typical to become unmotivated and inactive.

While this may be the case, a large number of Starr’s Mill students can be found braving the elements on the athletic fields and courts, at the gym, or exercising in their homes or neighborhoods.

Finding a workout buddy can help in staying committed to a planned time and date to meet and workout.

— Staff Writer Claire Goins

The weather is not an excuse to grab a blanket and hibernate all season long on the couch, although most people would prefer this, but an opportunity to find new motivations to stay active. The best way to combat cabin fever or shield against sickness is to get out and exercise.

It is key to remember that individuals do not have to go at this goal alone. Finding a workout buddy can help in staying committed to a planned time and date to meet and workout. Not only will there be a sense of obligation to honor plans, but it can actually be fun to exercise alongside a friend or family member.

“I workout by myself sometimes, but other times with my sister. We like to finish our workout with a few partner exercises,” senior Brooke Carter said.

This is the perfect opportunity to try new routines, do partner workouts, or sign up for exercise classes that can seem intimidating alone. Adding a partner can make exercising more exciting, no matter what the setting or season may be.

Students can enjoy working out almost any time and any place, so it’s not necessary to have a gym membership in order to achieve personal fitness goals. Although gyms are easy to access, some individuals may prefer other outlets to staying active.

“I go to the gym, which is nice because of the heating, [but] I also cut firewood for my grandpa,” senior Austin Schriver said.

Heading to the gym can become routine and mundane for many, so finding other excuses to head outside or move around is always healthy and a nice change.

There are also other ways to mix things up when it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle in cold weather. Organized sports are always practicing regardless of the time of year, so signing up for a team is a chance to commit oneself to exercising. It may even be a chance to find a new hobby or just try something new.

“I stay active by playing basketball pretty much everyday with the school team,” senior James Harris said.

Sports teams have the added value of providing a form of community and being a social outlet.

— Staff Writer Claire Goins

Sports teams have the added value of providing a form of community and being a social outlet, which are especially beneficial in the cold weather.

Winter weather promotes staying at home and being inactive, so remaining fit is even more important and necessary during this time of year.

“For me, it is important to stay active during the winter months and not stay inside all of the time,” Carter said.

Not only is there the added value of mental health, but exercising can also help fight sickness and colds. In a feature story, BBC News reported that “feeling fit and being active cut the risk of having a cold by nearly 50%.” Students who remain active are not just looking out for their fitness goals, but their overall physical and mental health during a season that is commonly associated with sickness.  

Whether deciding to endure the cold on an evening run or dragging a family member to the early morning exercise class, staying active will reap many benefits. Starr’s Mill students have shown that fitness during the winter is not as intimidating as it may seem once the initial steps are taken to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Bundling up on the couch is even more rewarding after completing a workout, so setting personal goals can make even the smallest achievements extremely rewarding. Cold weather is not a reason to hide the sneakers far away, but an excuse to try new fitness ideas and build personal health.