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Purrfect examples of pets with social media


Social media logos via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license; pet images courtesy of their respective human companions

As social media platforms continue to grow, pet accounts are also on the rise. Starr’s Mill is home to the companions of two dogs and a cat who make regular appearances on Twitter, Facebook, and Instragram.

Social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, were created to connect people so they can share thoughts and photos. If people can have accounts, why can’t pets?

If people can have accounts, why can’t pets?”

— Staff Writer Claire Goins

Social media platforms, coveted places of personal expression and promotion, no longer include feeds limited to the faces of friends and peers, but also cats and dogs and birds. Oh my!

Pet owners are more capable than ever to share their passion and love for animals with anyone who chooses to follow them. Whether one prefers a cat tweeting about his personal life or a dog posing for Instagram, there is no shortage of pet accounts on the internet.

With over one billion daily users on Facebook alone, there is no need to look any further than the very halls of Starr’s Mill to discover pet owners who find joy from sharing this platform and others with their fuzzy friends.

Some pet owners view the task as an extremely meaningful pastime, never once breaking character or hinting that they are the one behind the computer screen. Other owners admit that it’s all just for fun, a playful way to share cute pictures with the world of social media. Starr’s Mill has users on both ends of the spectrum.Starting a social media account for a pet does not have to be a daunting task. “I started the account because he is super cute and photogenic, and I wanted people to get joy out of seeing his pictures,” Hancock said about Bob.

Whether one wants to connect with other animal lovers, impersonate a pet, or simply share cute pictures with the world of social media, Starr’s Mill has plenty of room for more cat tweets and dog Instagrams.