Head over heels

Fashion back in full force


Emma Posey

As the new year and semester begin, new clothing mixed with previous trends have frequented the halls. Bulky sweaters and comfortable jeans have become closet staples of the common Starr’s Mill student.

Emma Posey, Staff Writer

School is back in session and the second semester blues are hitting the students of Starr’s Mill in full force. Despite the workloads and nasty weather, students have been displaying their sense of style with the new clothes they acquired over the holiday break.

The drastic shift in weather from cold to unbearable has made for some chilly mornings. Students have started layering their clothing by wearing t-shirts underneath big sweaters for ultimate comfort levels.

Patterned blouses in neutral colors have also graced the hall this January. And a new development, windbreakers, have been commonly seen in the halls and are a necessity at this time of year. Picking a brightly colored windbreaker allows one to stand out from the rest.

In order to stay on trend, you need to pick up a pair of flare jeans. These jeans will give your look vintage vibes without seeming too outdated. Pair them with a loose sweater and your favorite flats.

Don’t forget about your leggings and sweatpants. The more comfortable, the better. Pair leggings or sweatpants with the classic pullover and baggy t-shirt in order to stay on trend.

Shoes are an important factor of any outfit. Boots have not been frequently worn by anyone this school year — high top shoes are very much in style. Pointed-toe flats are also trendy this year. Pick a neutral colored pair so that they can be worn with any outfit.

Remember to dress warm while staying true to your own style.