Head over heels

Slip on something sweet


Emma Posey

Students at Starr’s Mill are rocking bold shoe choices. Patterns and eye-catching colors frequent the halls, making outfits pop.

Your choice of shoe could make or break your outfit. Choose the wrong color or style, and you’ve got a fashion mishap on your hands.

Luckily, there is a massive variety of shoes available that allow wearers to both express themselves and stay on trend. Whether the outfit is simple and the shoes are bold or vice versa, a wide array of shoes have been seen prowling the Mill this year.

Boots are a staple of the winter months and are worn frequently in varying lengths and colors. Say goodbye to the thick, fur boots of your middle school days, though. This winter, thigh-high velvet boots and short rubber boots have been all the rage. Printed or in a solid color, a good boot elevates any look. Brands like Doc Martin and Hunter offer styles for everyone.

Flats are another stylish option. Pick out your favorite color of Vans or find a one-of-a-kind style at TJ Maxx. Flats with a little flare are also popular this year. Pick a pair with a pointed toe or a fun print to spice up a simple outfit.

For an elevated look, block heels and platforms are the perfect addition to any outfit. The platform was a popular trend last summer and transitioned nicely into the fall and winter months. As the weather begins to get warmer, the platform heel will carry over into this spring as well.

As we make the transition into spring, sandals will be a necessity once more. Make sure to stop by your favorite boutique or local TJ Maxx to grab the cutest pair of open-toed shoes, and maybe summer will come a little sooner this year.