Head over heels

Spring break in style


Emma Posey

Spring Break is fast approaching and much needed. Students at the Mill are preparing to travel to many different places to relax before finishing the school year strong.

Emma Posey, Staff Writer

The clock is ticking down as students await Spring Break. After a long stretch of tireless hours at school and intense nights spent completing homework, students are ready for this much-needed break. No matter where you are traveling this year, you must be prepared and there are essentials for every type of vacation.

If you are going the classic route and traveling to the beach this break, swimsuits are obviously essential. Finding a suit that you feel comfortable in can be challenging, but this year I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Grab that pair of high-waisted bottoms or slip on a one piece with funky sleeves.

Rather than using a conventional cover-up or t-shirt while on the beach, repurpose a light sweater by wearing it over your suit on those chilly evenings.

Another essential for your beach vacation is platform sandals. Shoes with a bohemian touch and a nice platform are the perfect accessories to go with your new tan when you enjoy a night out on the town while on vacation.

[W]inter clothes are usually on sale this time of year, so stop by any of your favorite stores to raid their sale rack.

— Staff Writer Emma Posey

If the beach is not for you, perhaps heading up north to spend your week hiking and camping might sound more appealing. For a trip to the mountains, one must be prepared for all types of weather. Sweaters and leggings are essential items for a trip like this. Stop by your local thrift store or Goodwill to find unique sweaters.

Another great thing about a trip like this is that cold weather clothes are usually on sale by this time of year. Run to any store to pick up some new leggings to complete your outfit.

Still not ready to give up the winter weather? Try hitting the slopes for an epic spring break. Ski gear is essential for this type of trip.

As mentioned previously, winter clothes are usually on sale this time of year, so stop by any of your favorite stores to raid their sale rack. Large puffer jackets are a must for cold weather. Stylish and convenient, these jackets come in a range of styles and colors so that everyone can find the jacket perfect for them.

No matter where you go this spring break, make sure you enjoy yourself and the people you are with. Stay safe and stylish!