Track and field kick-starts first shoe drive


Isabella Dager

The Friday Night Lights #givebackmeet will include a shoe drive organized by coach Chad Walker to help shoes for homeless people in Atlanta. The track and field team’s goal is to gather at least 1,000 pairs of shoes.

Isabella Dager, Staff writer

“I want to give back to the community and make a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s just a pair of shoes,” track and field coach Chad Walker said.  

Walker has found a way to make a difference by starting track and field’s first annual shoe drive for charity. Walker hopes to provide shoes to homeless people in Atlanta during the Friday Night Lights #givebackmeet, which is set to be held on April 1 in Panther Stadium.

We need all the shoes we can get.

— Chad Walker

Eighteen schools will come together to compete in this track and field meet, and Walker’s goal is to collect 1,000 pairs of new to slightly worn shoes.

“It may be the first year we do the drive,” Walker said, “but I will be happy with any amount of shoes we collect and I am hopeful we will reach our goal.”

Walker’s inspiration for the drive is to give back to the community by collecting something that many people take for granted — shoes.

He also hopes to bring the community together during the meet through these donations. The Rising Starr Middle Junior Beta Club will help Walker with his cause by placing bins outside of the stadium so people can drive by and drop off any shoes from adult to children’s sizes.  

“This school is so fortunate for everything we have that I think it’s time we give back to the community and help people in need,” Walker said. “We will need all the shoes we can get.”