School store opens new opportunities for students


Lilly Carter

The Starr’s Mill school store is offering breakfast in the morning and refreshments during lunch. This year there are five vendors working with the store.

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

The Starr’s Mill school store, run by the entrepreneurship program, has become a staple of the cafeteria. Partnerships with five vendors help the school store offers breakfast in the morning and refreshments during lunch.

“This year we [entrepreneurship class] are trying to increase sales by offering a variety of products including coffee,” small business development pathway teacher Jeffrey Klein said.

The school store offers a variety of refreshments for all the students. Starting this year, the school store offers Community coffees and Blue Bunny ice cream. Also, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Bojangles is served for breakfast. Like every other year, cookies are prepared during the end of third period and during A and B lunch, to be served during all three lunches. Along with the cookies, TCBY frozen yogurt has been offered since last year.

All the foods offered at school are prepared by the entrepreneurship class at the school. The entrepreneurship class is responsible for a variety of tasks: what to order, when to order, how much to order, as well as use of effective marketing strategies.

Part of the entrepreneurship course standards include the class running a school-based business. Ever since the school opened, the class used the school store in the cafeteria as an opportunity for students to order and make a deposit.

“I think we have a strong group of vendors and we have received lots of positive feedback from our customers,” Klein said.