HERO Club fundraising for children


Katie Linkner

The Hero club will host a fundraiser starting this Wednesday through next Wednesday for all fourth period classes. The raised funds will go to the University of Georgia Athens Heros to help with children who are affected by HIV and AIDS.

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

The Starr’s Mill chapter of HERO is holding a fundraiser to raise money for the children who are affected or infected by HIV and AIDS.

“I think [fundraising] is a great cause,” Close said. “There really isn’t that much programming for children who are affected [with HIV and AIDS], and Georgia actually has relatively high numbers of [children with] HIV, so I think it is a really important cause.”

To help the children, the HERO Club will host a fundraiser for the whole school to participate. Starting Sept. 28, fourth period teachers will collect funds in an envelope, and the donated money will be tallied. The class leading each day with the most money accumulated will be broadcast on the announcements.

The fundraising contest will last one week and the class that raises the most money throughout the week will receive football tickets to the Whitewater vs. Starr’s Mill football game on Oct. 6.

The Starr’s Mill HERO Club is affiliated with the organization named University of Georgia-Athens HEROs, and they work with H.E.R.O. for Children. H.E.R.O. for Children provides various programming for kids who are somehow affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. All of the funds collected throughout the week will go to the UGA HEROs.

The HERO Club has been at Starr’s Mill for eight years. This is the second year they are hosting the fundraising. The sole purpose of the club is to raise money, so even the club membership dues go in as part of the fund.

“[The fundraising] was actually very successful last year, and we are hoping it is equally as successful this year,” adviser of Hero Club Nancy Close said. “[The money] goes to a great cause.”