Starr’s Mill French students exchange pen pal letters


Shelby Foster

French students open up their pen pal letters from France on the first day back from semester break. Starr’s Mill students sent their letter in French and received their replies in English.

Kyle Soto, Staff Writer

French students at Starr’s Mill High School recently received letters from their pen pals in France. French teacher Jill Snelgrove and a teacher in the southern town of Brignoles, France, met over Facebook and set up the exchange.

Starr’s Mill students in French II-IV classes sent their letters during the fall semester. The letters went through an editing process before being sent to the students in France and on the first day back from semester break, the Starr’s Mill students opened the letters from the foreign students.

Gray Jones, a senior in French IV, sent his pen pal a letter discussing his family and Peachtree City and in turn received a letter from a male French student.

“He talked about what he liked to do,” Jones said. “He said he liked air soft which is pretty wild.”

Jones also stated the Starr’s Mill students will be sending another letter sometime in the near future and he is hopeful they will receive more letters in return.