Seniors can seal international passion


Lilly Carter

This year, Starr’s Mill is offering a new diploma seal for students with a passion for global connections. Seniors can apply online for the International Skills Diploma Seal by Feb. 25.

Caylee Cicero, Staff Writer

Starr’s Mill has become the third high school in Fayette County to be approved to award seniors with an International Skills Diploma Seal by the Georgia Department of Education. The ISDS awards students for their participation in world language classes and classes that have global impact such as world history as well as in extracurricular activities and community service that have global connections.

“Receiving this seal means that the student has a very high interest in making connections with people of other cultures and languages,” World Languages Department chair and Spanish teacher Laura Alldredge said.

Students wanting to apply for the seal are required to have at least three credits in the same world language class, at least four credits in classes with international focus, at least four extracurricular activities or experiences with global themes, twenty hours of community service involving a global impact service project, and a capstone presentation explaining the above requirements.

Alldredge urges students to apply not only because of how colleges and potential employers will view the accolade, but also to encourage students to be an active participant in the global community.

Any current seniors wishing to apply for the ISDS must complete an online application here by Feb. 25. More information about the seal can be found at FCBOE’s website. If seniors have any questions concerning the ISDS, they can see Alldredge in room 645 or email her at [email protected]