Popular author set to conference with Fayette County high schools


Lilly Carter

A month ago, media specialist Rick Wright received an email asking if the Starr’s Mill library would like to participate in a video conference. After school on April 18, four Fayette County high schools will get the opportunity to ask Angie Thomas, author of “The Hate You Give,” questions about her book or about herself as a writer.

Ashton Long, Staff Writer

Ex Libris is not only about reading and discussing the books for each month. Sometimes the Starr’s Mill book club also gets the opportunity to bring in authors to share the experiences of writing those books. On April 18, Ex Libris will host one such opportunity for all Starr’s Mill students when the club holds a video conference with Angie Thomas.

Angie Thomas is the renowned author of ‘The Hate You Give.’ Ex Libris read her book in January, making this experience an extension of previous club activities.”

— Staff Writer Ashton Long

“It is going to be a lot of feed and a lot of broadcast,” media specialist Rick Wright said. “We have two or three questions already lined up.”

Angie Thomas is the renowned author of “The Hate You Give.” Ex Libris read her book in January, making this experience an extension of previous club activities.

“The timing was just right. It worked out really well,” Wright said. “Basically, it was something we were already doing.”

About a month ago, McIntosh High School’s media specialist Amy Hosch contacted Wright about a video conference with Thomas.

“She took the initiative to get this author,” Wright said. “She thought it would be great if we could share [the] expense together.”

Sandy Creek High School and Fayette County High School will also share the expense of the conference on the same day at the same time.

“The questions I am going to ask her are more like focused on how the topics in the book can relate to real-life situations because they are based off of real-life situations,” senior Brittany Clarke said. “I wanted to know her opinion on how the characters handled it in the book and how people should handle it in real life.”

On April 18, the media center will be open after school for all students and teachers to meet and ask questions to the popular author over a live broadcast video conference.