Hope blooms for foster children


Lilly Carter

The class of 2021 is holding a clothing drive to support The Bloom Closet and help children. The donation items can be put in the donation boxes located around Starr’s Mill, or items can be shipped directly to The Bloom Closet until March 30.

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

As a service project, the Class of 2021 at Starr’s Mill is doing a clothing drive with The Bloom Closet in Fayetteville.

“The officers of the class of 2021 hope to leave a lasting impact on our school and community, so we had seen the impact that The Bloom Closet had had on the community and wanted to work alongside them,” Class of 2021 President Mary Gagliano said.

The Bloom Closet is a resource for foster children all across the state of Georgia providing daily supplies such as clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, and toiletries.

“It’s amazing that high schoolers are joining together for unified effort to try and help foster kids because that need is so huge,” The Bloom Closet store manager Alisha Lane said. “We are very excited that you guys are serving us, partnering with us, to hopefully change the fate of foster care for good.”

The supplies can be placed in the donation boxes around the school or can be sent straight to The Bloom Closet by purchasing items from their list on Amazon. The Amazon list includes new items like school supplies, clothes, toiletries, and swimsuits.

Items are being collected until March 30.