New media coming to the media center


Shelby Foster

Media center specialist Rick Wright plans to include technology that the Media Center has never seen before by Christmas. One example of such technology is media production, which will attract a larger variety of kids with its video and makerspace areas.

Saijleen Chawla, Staff Writer

When the 2018-2019 school year began on Aug. 6, the media center still had not opened for public use, and now that it has, every extra day of the wait was worth it, with a new design, and new paint and carpet.

We’re not removing anything, just adding more.”

— Media center specialist Rick Wright

The renovations don’t stop at surface touch-ups, however. Media specialist Rick Wright has more planned in order to fulfill his dream to transform the media center into a haven for readers and technology-seekers alike.

“We also switched our shelves for space for things we are going to add later,” Wright said. Due to multiple complications in the construction schedule, not everything that Wright wanted was able to be accomplished during the summer.  “[The renovations] will all happen this year,” Wright said. ”It’s just a matter of when.” They are currently aiming for completion by Christmas.

According to Wright, there are two major components of the renovation — the glass classroom component and the creation of reading areas where students can go to read comfortably and undisturbed. Along with the reading area, graphic novels and anime, something that many students in Starr’s Mill High School take delight in, will receive their own designated area.

One of Wright’s most anticipated renovations is the installment of the glass classroom, which is to be built in the very back of the media center. There will be two parts of the glass classroom: a video production section and a makerspace area.

“A makerspace area is a place for kids to learn about CTAE and STEM skills in a fun creative way,” Wright said.  He believes that it is important as the new technology has the potential to bring in many more students into the media center.

Through this new renovation, the library can become more technologically inviting to students that do not regularly come to the library with the purpose of checking out books.

“We’re not removing anything, just adding more,” Wright said. These additions change the conventional use of the library, giving it more technology than it has ever had before.

By the end of all renovations, the media center will be completely restructured with technological advancements in the middle and the conventional books on the edges.