Honoring veterans through song


Annika Pepper

Choral students in Dr. Odom’s class prepare for the Veteran’s choral concert. The choral department will perform to honor military veterans in their upcoming concert on Oct. 2 in Willie Duke Auditorium.

Mary Jane Gagliano, Staff Writer

On Oct. 2, the Starr’s Mill High School choral department will perform a concert entitled, Find the Cost of Freedom. The choral concert will honor those serving and those who were once in the Armed Forces, as well as to remember those who passed while fighting for the United States.

“The narration will be honoring and talking about the different wars and conflicts and what our veterans have had to deal with and of course we remember those who didn’t come back, those who lost their lives during these wars,” Starr’s Mill choral director Dr. John Odom said.

There will be a professional actor to narrate between the various choral pieces to acknowledge many of the hardships that military personnel and their families must face on a daily basis. Additionally, there will be PowerPoint presentations showing the family members of choral students that have served in the military.

“We have confirmed that we will have veterans from every war since World War II,” Odom said.

Odom had the idea for the veterans concert while watching a memorial service online last spring and he recognized the lack of veterans from World War II. Since that day, Odom knew that he needed to find a special way to honor veterans while we still have the opportunity to.

“We are also honoring the families of military personnel because we understand what the families have had to go through when their family members are deployed,” Odom said.

The concert will begin at 7 p.m. on Oct. 2 in Willie Duke Auditorium.

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