Senior follows his heart, selects from two service academies


Courtesy of Julie Perry

Rhett Perry holds up his West Point flag moments after receiving the news of his acceptance. Perry received a personal call from senator David Perdue to let him know that he got in.

Kathleen Stephens, Staff Writer

Starr’s Mill has always been known for its excellence, and senior Rhett Perry is no exception.

Rhett Perry was accepted into the United States Air Force Academy and the United States Military Academy, both of which have acceptance rates lower than 13 percent. Perry also received a personal phone call from Senator David Perdue to tell him about his acceptance.

“I applied to the military service academies because I believe them to be the best place within our nation to become a leader and to most directly serve our great nation,” Perry said.

Perry has displayed interest in military and historical backgrounds through taking every AP history course offered at Starr’s Mill and participating in West Point’s Summer Leadership Experience. Perry also serves as president for the Starr’s Mill history club.

Perry not only has an impressive academic record but is a four-year member of varsity cross country and track and field. He helped lead the cross country team to its first ever GHSA state championship.

“Within my year-long application, I was forced to take physical tests, medical exams, interviews, and send in all the usual application assortments,” Perry said. “Because of these obstacles, I was forced to double down on my will to gain entry to these schools in order to complete the requisite trials.”

Perry has chosen to attend the United States Military Academy in the fall where he will further demonstrate the Starr’s Mill principle — demand excellence.