Star sub’s literary debut


Reality meets time-transcending fiction in beloved Mr. Coleman’s first published novel, “Never Remove the Cornerstone.” He will be signing his books from 4-6 p.m. on Feb. 15 at Orleans: Brews and Beignets.

Grace Maneein, Staff Writer

Starr’s Mill’s favorite substitute teacher Byron M. Coleman has published his first novel, “Never Remove the Cornerstone,” which follows the development of a man who has the privilege of getting acquainted with someone who has managed to leap through time.

When asked about the premise of his novel, Coleman stated, “January, 2007. The first dayNew Year’s Day. I wake from the nightmare. After having this nightmare, the phone is ringing . . .  the phone is ringing. After a series of strange and odd events, I meet a man who is born in 1844.”

As exciting as the novel sounds, Coleman has a surprising confession about its beginnings.

“I didn’t originally plan to write a book,” Coleman said. “But I was given a task, in 1985, by my great uncle, Wade Sorrell. It was one of his last wisheshe gave me a box of photographs and documents and said, ‘I need you to keep track of the family.’ I didn’t want to write my family history because I didn’t want to write.”

However, after diving deep into his family history, he was inspired to write it, not only to share his family history with the world, but to inspire others to take the initiative to learn theirs.

“I wrote [the novel] for you. Because everybody has a family history, and it’s important to see how we fit into the world,” Coleman said.

“Never Remove the Cornerstone” is a little bit of everything with a pinch of fantasy and a dose of reality mixed with everything in between. Coleman hopes to convey the idea that humans are worth more than the sum of their parts.

“If only we could all recognize how powerful we are as creationshuman beings are remarkable. Sometimes, we’re told that we’re not. We discount it all the time. If you were to take the average person, and look into what made them, you will see that they are remarkable. In fact, I have yet to come across a ‘normal person,’ whatever that is,” Coleman said.
To pay homage to his heritage from New Orleans, Coleman will be at a book signing event at Orleans: Brews and Beignets from 4-6 pm on Feb. 15.

“The first thirty people to show up and announce that they are here for me, Mr. Coleman, will get a free beignet,” Coleman said.