Language program continues to thrive at Peeples


Annika Pepper

Alejandra Brujin poses in front of the rocket outside of Peeples Elementary. Earlier this school year Peeples Elementary started a foreign language class where they currently teach Spanish. The class has had positive impact on students and is planned to advance in the future.

Simone Bates, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the school year Peeples Elementary added World Languages to their list of “Specials.” As a full school year has passed with trial and error, the school has decided to make the class permanent.

“The kids love the idea of being able to express themselves in another language,” foreign language teacher Alejandra Brujin said.

Peeples Elementary and four other elementary schools were chosen last year to have a World Language class. Next year, two more elementary schools plan to add the class. The end goal is for all 14 elementary schools in Fayette County to have the program.

The “Special,” similar to a high school elective, is leveled according to each grade. Currently teachers are using the pilot program Rosetta Stone, a language learning platform, to help them teach. At the moment the only foreign language being taught is Spanish.

“I am hoping, with the exposure to the language, we have planted a seed that encourage the curiosity and willingness to keep on growing and educating themselves in different cultures and languages,” Brujin said.

The results of using Rosetta Stone so far have been positive and students are enjoying the class. “It’s making them prepared for the real world that we are today,” Peeples Elementary Principal Buffy Blodgett said.