Creating opportunities, building networks


McKenzie Tucker

Azell Francis speaks to Interact Club about the next level of their club, Rotaract Club. Her first experience in the United States came about through Rotary, the level above Rotaract.

Addie Ellison, Staff Writer

The Interact Club at Starr’s Mill focuses on different opportunities around the community. This club connects to different clubs outside of Starr’s Mill, including the Rotaract and the Rotary Clubs. These clubs all connect and strive to provide the people in the community with opportunities. Their stories of helping people are true, and they have even changed some people’s lives.

One story of a changed life is Azell Francis. She lived in Trinidad and Tabago in the Caribbean until her college years. She said her first time in America was for a writing competition. She submitted an essay into a competition and won, which gave her the opportunity to fly to America and represent her country. That competition was sponsored by Rotary. Francis now holds a leadership position at Georgia Tech, and she is pursuing a Ph.D. in engineering. 

Francis is the president of the new Rotaract in Peachtree City. The club is for members of Peachtree City from ages 18-30. The Rotaract Club will focus on helping around the community and serving others. Francis said that the main way Roteract will help its members is through building connections and networking.

“When you think about networking, a lot of people think about networking as a very formally structured environment,” Francis said. “Networking is engaging people you know and levering their contacts.”

The Interact Club continues to provide opportunities inside and outside of high school. Francis’ story is just another example of that. The club meets again at 8 a.m. on Feb. 28 in Marcela Sample’s room.