Starr’s Mill sending 21 students to state GHP interviews


Courtesy of Allen Leonard

The 21 students that have proceeded to the next level of the Governor’s Honor Program. Starr’s Mill is sending the most students out of all of the schools in Fayette County to the state level. After this round of interviews, students will have the opportunity to qualify to attend a summer program at Berry College to further their studies and talents.

Mary Jane Gagliano, Editor-in-Chief

This year, Starr’s Mill will send 21 students to the state level interviews of the Governor’s Honors Program. 

“I think that the amount of students that we have moving on shows how well rounded [Starr’s Mill] is,” Assistant Principal Brandi Meeks said. 

Starr’s Mill is sending the most students in the county, including 11 sophomores and ten juniors. Eleven students will represent McIntosh along with ten from Fayette County. Whitewater is sending six students and Sandy Creek is sending two students. 

Click here for the full list of Starr’s Mill students who will continue to the state level interviews. 

The Governor’s Honor Program is held over the summer for talented students to get immersed in their field of interest. The selected students will participate in classes and social experiences at Berry College. 

It’s certainly a great honor for any of [the students] to get to [the state level interviews], but it’s even cooler that so many of them have made it through,” Principal Allen Leonard said. 

These students will now complete a series of interviews at the state level, which will be held on Feb. 27 at Berry College.

If they become a finalist after this set of interviews, they will proceed to be one of the few selected students to attend the summer program.