Hot week in news

KICs are back and on fire as we kick off the second week of the school year. Along with new schedules and classes, students are adjusting to changes throughout the school. But the headlines change as well. With an extreme heat warning, a disease outbreak, and North Korean rocket launches, The Prowler has the stories. 

Heat warning (8/12)

A heat alert has been issued in a majority of Metro Atlanta counties as a result of high humidity and increasing temperatures. The heat index for these areas is estimated to peak at a scorching 107 degrees fahrenheit and is expected to be extremely warm even in the areas surrounding the advisory.

“While the Metro isn’t technically under a Heat Advisory Monday, it’ll be HOT!” AMS Cert,ified Meteorologist Katie Walls to WSB-TV said. “Factor in the humidity and it’ll feel like 100°-105° Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Atlanta!”

It has been advised to stay indoors as much as possible, but if unavoidable, it is suggested to stay hydrated throughout the day, apply sunscreen, and double check the backseat of a car for children before leaving. A heat advisory was in effect from 1 pm to 8 pm Monday night. 

Legionnaires’ disease outbreak caused lawsuit (8/13)

A photographer in the Metro Atlanta area has filed a lawsuit Monday against the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel which has reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of Germany Greer, a 67-year-old photographer who was at the hotel from June 27 through July 1. 

The lawsuit accuses the hotel of failing to follow a water management plan that would prevent the spread of the Legionelle bacteria. Greer has been affected tremendously by the disease is having trouble recovering as his left leg is not functioning properly. Since the incident, health officials have confirmed that there have been 12 cases, 64 probable cases and one death. 

The Legionnaires’ disease is not spread through person to person contact but rather through water. The way people get sick is because they inhaled water droplets containing the bacteria. Exposure can occur through air conditioning units, pools, and hot tubs. The hotel was shut down on July 15 and is planned to be closed until further notice.

 Pennsylvania becomes the next state to allow gender neutral IDs (8/14)

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation PennDOT is now allowing citizens to have gender neutral IDs. Drivers will have three options to choose from: male, female or X. 

Pennsylvania is not the first state to allow these options. In 13 states drivers are allowed to obtain a gender neutral marker on all identification cards. Currently, Washington D.C and seven other states allow people to change gender without a doctor’s notice.

The change in IDs has come from the growing number of requests. “PennDOT is glad to offer a license that is inclusive of everybody and can accurately reflect who they are,” Alexis Campell, a spokesperson from PennDOT, said. 

Pennsylvania’s transportation department hopes to make the change without action from the general assembly.

Trump blamed for North Korea launching rockets (8/15)

North Korea shot off short range ballistic missiles early this morning for the sixth time since late July. The two projectiles launched today began their flight in Tongchon and flew a total of 143 miles. 

This test was conducted a day after South Korean President Moon Jae-in issued a statement pressing the United states to try and further denuclearize the North so they could integrate the Korean economy more efficiently. It is now clear to President Jae-in that this was never the intentions of Kim Jong-un. 

North Korea blames the United States for participating in a South Korean military exercise, but is willing to move past it. Kim Jong-un plans to continue to talk with the U.S. as soon as they withdraw from the continent, and has decided to push most of the blame to its southern neighbor.  

Because Trump received an apology from North Korea last Saturday and has since regarded the past few missile launches as “small ones,” Lee Byong-chul, a North Korea expert at Yeungnam University’s Institute, believes it gave North Korea the perfect opportunity to test another threatening military weapon.

Israel denies access for two congresswoman (8/16)

Israel has been an ally to the United States for a long time. Recently, the ties have become thinner with Israel denying access into their country to two congressmen. The two banned are Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, the first two Muslim women to be elected to Congress. 

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been known to side with Republican viewings. Earlier in the year President Trump criticized the two women visiting Israel since they had previously stated they were apart of the boycott against Israel. Trump suggested that the country should “punish” the Democratic leaders. From this, Israel banned the two leaders from their country on Thursday.

Joe Lieberman, a former senator and the only elected Jewish candidate, said that the decision was a “loss all around.” The former Democrat turned Independent, believes that this battle between Trump, Tlaib, and Omar should be fought in the United States. 

Israel has now granted permission for Tlaib to visit the country on humanitarian grounds. She will visit her grandmother in West Bank.