Meeting with the headlines

This week was just like any other week, but on Friday students were met with the drug dogs as they entered the school. The drug dogs went around the school and throughout the parking lot to crack down on any illicit materials brought onto Starr’s Mill campus. Another thing that students are always met with are headlines. With an oil facility attack, a new movie being filmed in Atlanta, and a racial slur investigation, The Prowler has the stories. 

Oil prices spike after attack in facilities in Saudi Arabia (9/16)

Over the weekend there were a series of attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia that increased energy prices. Two of the U.S. Cabinet members stated that the attack was caused by Iran. Iran, however, has currently denied taking any part of the allegations. 

Frequently there has already been mysterious attacks on oil tankers in the Middle East. The attacks on Saturday halted the production of 5.7 million barrels of crude. More than 5% of Saudi Arabia’s global exports come from crude production. The majority of Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports to Asians countries.

The gas prices in the United States were predicted to increase by 10 to 25 cents due to the attack.The Trump administration has offered to utilize resources from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to maintain a consistent pricing. President Trump has responded to the situation with military response ready a hand. 

Emory racial slur investigation (9/17)

Tuesday, Channel 2 Action News released to the public that two adjunct law professors teaching at the University of Emory used the n-word while instructing in multiple classes Sept. 9. As a result an investigation has been launched that may end with Paul Zwier and Robert Saunooke being fired.

Both adjunct professors claimed to have used the discriminatory word as part of their lesson on how  African Americans and Native Americans were disenfranchised compared to white Americans. However, during one of their lessons, a student spoke out against them for using the word, and the professor apologized.

This is not the first time tenured law professor Zwier has been caught using this language in class. Last year, he used the term to twice to convey prejudice views against minorities in early America. These professors may have had innocent intent in using such profane language, yet that doesn’t distract from the fact that they used the term in the class setting.

Suicide Squad’ set to film in Atlanta (9/18)

“Suicide Squad,” the DC Comic based movie that came out in 2016, is set for a sequel. The original movie is set on the idea that some of DC Comics’ more famous villains must team up to save the world.

James Gunn, the director of both of the Guardians of the Galaxys movies, is set to direct the sequel. The movie is reportedly being filmed on the same Atlanta stage location as “Guardians of the Galaxy.” After filming “Suicide Squad,” Gunn is set to immediately start filming “Guardians of the Galaxy 3.”

With most of the original cast returning, and some new cast joining, filming is set to start this month. Warner Brothers has no real release date, but the movie is predicted to come out in 2021.

Father of four suspected of killing family (9/19)

Thirty-eight year-old Micheal Jones was just denied a bond this afternoon and will be arraigned Oct. 2. Jones, a Florida resident, was found with a wrecked van containing five dead bodies in Charlton County, Georgia. 

Jones has since been pinned as the prime suspect in the murder of his wife and four children. After discovering a “foul smell” radiating from the totaled van, law enforcement suspect that he murdered his family weeks ago and has been driving their corpses around in his van since.

Jones was arrested Sunday night and has been detained until further notice. It is not known as to why he was driving his murdered 5, 10, 2, and 1-year-old children around the southeast, but what is known, is that Jones is the number one suspect in the death of his family.

People march for the Global Climate Strike (9/20)

People everywhere gathered to protest the use of fossil fuels and climate change. The protesters believe that making people aware is the first step to change. The rallies are being filled with people skipping work, school, and some students were there on field trips.

New York City had one of the biggest turnouts. Over one million students were excused from school, so this morning protesters marched to Battery Park. Chicago and London also marched today to show that every city will face this problem. 

In Germany three protesters stood on ice blocks with nooses around their necks showing the effects of climate change. One-hundred Afgan protesters, despite the risk, marched with soldiers surrounding them.

Some governments, including the German government, have put up new policies for climate change. Germany plans to reduce their carbon emissions by 50%.