Blood, sweat, tears, and KICs

Alright y’all, is it just me or has this week dragged on forever? With Milestones starting next week, and AP exams right around the corner, this is the most stressful time of the year for the majority of our students. So while you are busy having your fifth mental breakdown over testing this week, take a moment to sit back, relax and read these KICs. This week we have violence in Jerusalem, a Georgia gun shop murder, a man charged with 64 drug and traffic offenses, a suspect arrested for a mass shooting, and a new leading cause of death for children and teens.

April 18 – Violence in Jerusalem over Easter weekend

Clashes in Jerusalem have occurred throughout the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and continued into Easter Sunday. The conflict on Sunday resulted in 18 arrests and has put additional strain on Israel’s government. 

Rioting Palestinians and Israeli police faced off in the alleyways of Jerusalem after a visit by Jews to a disputed holy site. Multiple passengers on two buses were wounded when the vehicle’s windows were shattered by stone-throwing Palestinians. Additional injuries occurred when a group of Jewish worshippers were attacked. 

Confrontations on Sunday were not as violent as clashes at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque two days prior. As a result of the way Israel handled the Al-aqsa violence, the United Arab List has suspended its government membership and is considering official resignation if the situation does not change.

April 19 – Georgia gun shop triple murder suspect was ex-customer

Jacob Christian Muse, age 21, was arrested Friday after the April 8 triple homicide at the Lock, Stock & Barrel Shooting Range in Grantville, Georgia. So far he has been charged with three counts of malice murder and is now being held in Coweta County jail. 

About a dozen officers said that 40 firearms and the gun shop’s camera DVR were stolen. Police said Muse could face additional charges.

Business owner Tommy Richard Hawk Sr., his wife, and his grandson were found dead inside the shop. A previous 911 call captured the moments of Tommy Richard Hawk Jr. finding the doors of his family business locked and a bloody scene visible inside. 

April 20 – Young man charged for drugs usage and traffic violations

A 29-year-old man, Gerontay D. Adams was arrested on April 16 on Highway 74. He was charged due to his possession of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, while driving aggressively and possessing a gun.  

The Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt was told by the officers that around 4:30 p.m. a black Chevrolet car was stopped by a policeman on Highway 74 due to suspected abnormal driving and with the look of being badly drunk. 

When the officer came to his car, the driver drove away aggressively and crossed into on-coming traffic. Another officer was able to stop him not long after the pursuit began. Adams currently faces charges for 64 drug and traffic offenses. 

April 21 – Third suspect arrested after nearly fatal mass shooting in South Carolina

A third suspect has been arrested after a mass shooting in South Carolina last weekend. The suspect, Amari Sincere-Jamal Smith, was arrested after being connected to the shooting that wounded 15 people. 

Smith faces multiple charges, including nine counts of assault and battery, attempted murder and unlawful possession of a handgun. His arrest follows the arrests of two other suspects, Marquise Love Robinson and Jewayne Price. 

The shooting left 15 people wounded, nine with gunshot wounds. No one was killed. Police believe the shooting was a result of an ongoing dispute between the suspects. 

April 22 – Guns lead in cause of death for teens and children  

After analyzing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, the New England Journal of Medicine published astounding statistics this week. They found that firearm-related mortalities surpassed vehicle crashes as the leading cause of death for minors.

Firearm deaths in the minor age group increased more than 30% in 2019, and doubled with the general population. While vehicle crashes have become less of a problem, statistics have also shown an 80% increase in drug overdoses and poisoning. The analysis notes that other leading causes of death have remained relatively stable. 

Although the findings are consistent with other evidence suggesting that firearm violence has increased during COVID-19, like the CDC study that revealed more than 45,000 firearm-related deaths in the U.S. in 2020, the analysis notes that the reason for the increase remains unclear.