Chillin’ out with KICs

Panthers, it has been a cold week with temperatures dropping down to the upper 30s in the mornings. The change in weather means it is finally time to bring out those winter coats and bundle up. So, while you are cuddled in front of the fireplace drinking hot cocoa, take a look at these KICs. This week we have drones attacking the Ukraine capital, the governor race in Georgia, Clayton County making roads safer, Kanye West, and the Supreme Court making progress with Biden’s loan forgiveness plan.  

October 17 – Five drones attack the capital city of Ukraine

In Ukraine’s capital city early Monday, bystander Volodymyr Grystan was leaving a train station when five drones appeared and started firing. To protect the building and the citizens, police took up assault rifles and machine guns and started firing at the drones, making the drones retreat and start to chase further citizens.

The attack near Kyiv’s busy train station damaged a four-story residential building and energy facilities. Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced that in one of the residential buildings, 18 people were pulled out after the building collapsed on top of them.                                                                                                                                                                          

It was reported that at least four people were hospitalized and at least four more people were killed in the attack. Two of the victims were a married couple who were soon expecting a child in a few months. European ministers are scheduled to meet in a week to look into concrete evidence of Iran’s involvement in Ukraine.

October 18 – Abrams and Warnock have different views for Georgia in the governor race  

Stacey Abrams is running for the governor of Georgia and has specific aggressive plans as a Democrat and Raphael Warnock seeks Republican independence, while running for governor. 

Abrams has plans for Georgia that involve higher pay for teachers, prolonged child care, and funding the preschools. Abrams will also secure help for the middle class, and help people with the housing they can afford. On the other hand, Warnock is looking for a six-year term and wants to use bipartisan methods like helping people with the cost of insulin. As the early voting is starting, Abrams has 3% and Warnock has 7% of the Republicans, while they are equal among the Democrats. 

Republican Brian Kemp is ahead of Abrams by five points, with his focus on reducing drug problems. Warnock challenges Herschel Walker by 4 percentage points. The Democrat Sanford Bishop believes the fact that Abrams is a black woman will both benefit and hurt her in this year’s race.

October 19 – Clayton County asked to make roads safer after multiple deaths

People went before leaders to discuss making roads safer after numerous people had been killed while walking or driving on a busy highway. Activist Meia Ballinger is leading protests against the lack of streetlights and sidewalks.

Ballinger states that since the roads are well traveled, it makes no sense why they are not made safer.

In the past year, 25 people died on Clayton County roads. Commissioner Felicia Franklin promises that something will be done. Franklin assures that some plans will be discussed on November 11 when the GDOT arrives in Georgia.

October 20 – Kanye West will not back down

Kanye West sat down with Cuomo and Pierres Uncensored and talk about the recent controversy involving his comments that have been considered “antisemitic” by many. He doubled down on his remarks regarding Jewish people and their hand in media and news. He says they are out to get him for wearing a “White Lives Matter” hoodie. 

He has recently been locked out of his Twitter and Instagram accounts for stating “Death Con 3 on Jewish people.” He states that many of his big events have since been canceled because of a “Jewish underground media mafia” that has caused him to be outcasted. 

He also reminisced about his treatment by the media during the Pete Davidson and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian drama.  He used this as evidence for his ‘outcasting’ on how “Jewish media” treated him for that drama.

October 21 – Supreme Court makes progress on Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

On Thursday, October 20, federal courts made two wins for President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. For one, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett deterred a challenge to the program brought up by a Wisconsin taxpayers group, and a federal court judge rejected another lawsuit from a group of Republican states.

Biden’s student loan forgiveness program was first announced in August with the goal of providing debt relief to millions of borrowers before federal student loan payments resume in January after the long pandemic-caused pause. This plan has been an uphill battle, as it has faced a myriad of legal challenges that bring up the Biden administration’s lack of legal authority required to widely cancel student loan debt.

With these steps forward, student loan cancellations, worth up to $20,000 per borrower, could start October 23.