Holding out for KICs

Panthers, another week has come and gone, and after the excitement of Homecoming last week, it is time to wind down and focus on school. We have roughly one month left in the semester, which means it is time to get those last-minute grades in before exams. So while you are studying and stressing, take a look at these KICs. This week we have China launching a space module, a Chamblee officer being shot, a Rising Starr teacher flying with the Blue Angels, the Powerball prize growing, and Elizabeth Prelogar speaking on lack of diversity. 

October 31 – China launches final space module

China is continuing its scientific exploration by launching its third and final module for the country’s space station. The 53-ton module reached the station 13 hours after the launch, carrying experimental equipment for the station. 

The module is designed to give more space to the astronauts. With these developments, China has surpassed the U.S in space exploration. China has also collaborated with the European Space Agency on experiments aboard the module.

Next year, they plan to launch a telescope that will orbit the station and dock when needed. With this, there are no other expansions for the station that were publicly announced.

November 2 – Chamblee officer shot during police chase

Throughout metro Atlanta, law enforcement is searching for a suspect after a Chamblee officer was shot during a police chase.

The incident occurred when the Chamblee Police Department was chasing a stolen vehicle that had been used in an armed robbery. Officers tried to stop the car, but the driver fled. The police said the suspects fled on foot and were shooting at the responding officers, only hitting one. Medics rushed to the injured officer, and he/she was transported to a nearby hospital

The latest news is that the officer is in stable condition. Investigators arrested one suspect and are still searching for more.

Wednesday – Rising Starr teacher flies with Blue Angels

Fayette County Teacher of the Year Christy Todd had the opportunity to fly with Blue Angels pilots. They sent her an invitation and she accepted it. 

Todd, a former chorus teacher who now facilitates the Community for Creativity program, at Rising Starr Middle School had the chance to fly with a pilot for free before this weekend’s Atlanta Air Show at Falcon Field in Peachtree City. 

Fayette County, a community where many airline employees live, hosts the Atlanta Air Show this weekend. 

November 3 – Powerball prize has grown to $1.5 billion

The Powerball prize is now at $1.5 billion, the third largest amount in U.S history. With no winner Wednesday night in the $1.2 billion drawing, the prize increased to $1.5 billion on Thursday. 

In the last three months, no one has won the top prize for the lottery. It has now been 39 drawings since the last winner.

This prize amounts to $1.5 billion for winners who opt for an annuity paid over the next 29 years. Choosing a lump-sum cash payout would yield $745.9 million after taxes. The next drawing is November 6.

November 4 – Elizabeth Prelogar speaks regarding lack of diversity among lawyers

The past two weeks of arguments in the Supreme Court have consisted of 25 men and two women. This large gender imbalance is so great that even the Biden Administration’s Supreme Court lawyer has made a point of it in a statement earlier this week.

Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar made a clear point that witnessing extreme racial or gender inequalities between groups can cause people to question whether or not a path to leadership is open. Prelogar noted that the previous month’s gender ratio was similar to the past two weeks, with 18 men and only four women presenting cases. Aside from this, racial and ethnic representation is also lacking. 

Women make up roughly half of law school graduates, so it would be reasonable for them to look at the gender disparity and wonder if a position as Supreme Court advocate would be possible.