KICs to replace your short-lived resolutions

In this third week of January, we do hope that your New Year’s resolutions are going swell. In case they are not, though, read these KICs to take your mind off of your disappointment. This week we have Biden’s reconstruction plan after the tornado disaster in the Southeast, a violent shooting involving a state patrol trooper and a protestor, Ben Savage running for Congress, and a fiery battle for Indiana’s open Senate seat.

January 17 – Biden endorses new tornado declaration for Georgia  

After last week’s disastrous tornadoes, President Biden has formed a declaration to reconstruct the parts of Georgia that got hit. The counties that were hit include Henry, Butts, Jasper, Meriwether, Newton, Spalding, and Troup. 

The new declaration makes funding available to individuals that were affected by the monstrous storm. The declaration includes grants for temporary housing and home repairs. The low-cost loans will cover property losses that were uninsured. 

A total of five tornados hit last week, including at least one that reached a strength of EF-3. The storm destroyed about 60% of the electric service in Griffin. LaGrange police department also established a GoFundMe to raise money for those who were hit by the tornado. 

January 18 – Shooting leaves state patrol trooper shot, protestor dead

A protestor fired a shot and hit a Georgia state patrol trooper at a training facility during a “clearing operation.” In self defense and according to protocol, the officers then returned fire and fatally shot the protester.

The trooper who was shot is in a stable condition and out of surgery. Officers have yet to release the identities of these two victims. Multiple people were involved, but information has not yet been made public. It is believed that some of these attacks may be organized.

There have been other attacks of domestic terrorism, including officers and firefighters being attacked with rocks at multiple police stations, due to ongoing protests related to building platforms in surrounding trees. Governor Brian Kemp explains that people trying to show their opinion in a violent way will be brought down with full force.

January 19 – Actor Ben Savage running for California House District 30

“Boy Meets World” actor Ben Savage is making a run for Congress in 2024. Fox News reports Savage, 42, registered as a Democratic candidate for the 30th California House District.

In 2022, Savage ran for a spot on the West Hollywood Council but fell short. He is one of the seven candidates running for the spot in 2024. Savage is running for a seat currently held by Democrat Adam Schiff. 

Savage’s previous campaign’s slogan was “Together We Can Do Better.” In a statement to Fox, Savage’s team did not confirm nor deny the run but claims they are still making decisions. The 2024 General Election will take place November 5, 2024.

January 20 – Battle begins for Indiana’s open Senate seat 

The battle for Indiana’s open Senate seat has been showing signs that it could lead to “Republican Civil War” if the tension continues to rise. Former Senator and Afghanistan veteran Republican Jim Banks talked about his candidacy for the 2024 Senate election. 

Former two-term Republican Governor Mitch Daniels is thinking about competing in the 2024 Senate election and going against Rep. Jim Banks and Mike Braun. With the early 2024 state Senate election going, Banks and Daniels are the biggest rivals. 

The battles between the candidates may lead to more tension within the Republican party that could carry into the 2024 Senate election.