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Championships, playoffs, and KICs

Panthers, for the 10th time in school history, the football team is region champions and is once again in the state playoffs. They host Shaw High School at 5 p.m. tomorrow. While you cheer on the football team, check out this week’s KICs. News headlines include an earthquake hitting Nepal, a nurse being assaulted, fuel taxes increasing, a father forgiving the mother of his child following a child abuse charge, and Senator Joe Machin’s retirement.

World – Another earthquake hits Nepal just days after a previous one 

A 5.6-magnitude earthquake shook Nepal today, just days after a powerful tremor struck the Himalayan nation, leaving 157 people dead and several others injured. This week’s first earthquake, measuring 6.4 in magnitude, happened on Friday.  India, a neighboring country, felt the shocks.

Officials anticipated that the number of fatalities from Friday’s earthquake in Jajarkot would increase because they could not contact the hilly region close to the epicenter. Landslides caused by the earthquake blocked the roads leading to the impacted areas further hindering the search and rescue efforts.

Thousands of structures in the Jajarkot and nearby Rukum West district have collapsed or developed cracks after the earthquake, rendering them uninhabitable. The survivors reported that shortly after the earthquake, they heard the deafening sounds of crumbling buildings. 

National – Florida nurse arrested for assaulting a patient

In Casselberry, Florida, a nurse at an assisted living facility is currently facing charges for allegedly bashing a patient’s face with an object and slamming her face into a wall. The attack resulted in facial fractures, according to Casselberry Florida’s police.

Kassandra Aihe, age 24, faces charges of battery against a person 65 or older. Arrested on Oct. 27, reports say that the patient had been walking down the hall when Kassandra found her and tried to help her back to her room. Upon reaching the patient to help her back to her room the patient became aggressive and attacked Kassandra.

Making their way back to the room, Kassandra was reported to have yelled at the patient for five minutes. A fellow nurse, hearing the commotion, checked in, only to see the patient bleeding from her face.

State – Georgia state taxes for fuel are suspended until the end of the month

Citizens in Georgia will continue not paying state taxes for gasoline and diesel until state lawmakers start a special legislative session. Governor Brian Kemp extended the fuel tax rollback from the 2022 law he signed suspending the gas tax with bipartisan support. 

The legislative session will be November 29 where they will discuss the rollback. The rollback will be 31.2 cents per gallon of gasoline and 35 cents per gallon of diesel. It is unknown if Kemp will request an extension of the tax break, or if he will even declare another state of emergency and continue waiving the taxes until January.

With this tax break, drivers in Georgia were paying $2.89 per gallon of gasoline, which is down 68 cents since Kemp suspended the state tax. This price is the second-lowest price in the nation, only behind Texas.

Local – Father forgives mother for beating his 6-year-old son

The father of the six-year-old is sharing the boy’s current state after being in the hospital for months. Two people face multiple charges in connection with the crime.  

The woman nearly killed the father’s son back in June. Wells’ boyfriend, Napoleon Ates, beat the six-year-old, leaving him with broken bones and bleeding on the brain. The boy is currently in physical therapy, while not being able to walk.

Cardwell, the father, is fighting for full custody of his son. The love and support the six-year-old boy has received has helped him and his family push forward. 

Political – Manchin’s plans unknown after he announces retirement

On Thursday, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced he would not run for reelection. Despite this, there are rumors surrounding whether or not he intends to run for president, due to his flirtation with No Labels. 

Manchin’s future plans for politics are currently unknown, as his closest advisors insist they do not know. Manchin is known for keeping to himself and making up his mind at the last minute. 

Allies of Manchin are uncertain that these suspicions are true because of the expenses. Others doubt the rumors because of his age.

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