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Thankful for KICs

Panthers, it is time for Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time away from school, being with family, watching football, and eating really good food. While enjoying all of these, check out this week’s KICs. This week includes Israeli farmers getting relief funds, a Colorado hiker being found dead with his dog nearby, Trump’s lawyers releasing interviews, Rick Ross looking for a flight attendant, and skewed racial profiling statistics.

World – Israeli farmers get help from American Cowboys after Hamas Attack

Israel farming communities, who are in desperate need, get help from newly famous American Cowboys. They left their normal jobs of herding cattle and farm animals on ranches to go contribute to the terrorist attacks. They are currently raising $29 million to bring supplies and equipment to the people in the West Bank.

The cowboys were seen starting their route on November 6 at the JFK airport. They were spotted again in the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv when photos taken of them went viral. The cowmen treat the farms and their communities in critical health by raising attention and bringing supplies.

The West Bank was hit hardest by the Hamas terrorist attacks. However, much of Israel is facing damage. Many farmers are living in jeopardy of losing their valuable farms. 

National – Colorado hiker found dead with loyal dog by his side 

Rich Moore, age 71, went missing in August and was found in the southern Colorado mountains with his loyal terrier by his side. Moore started on his adventure on August 19 with his Jack Russell Terrier, Finney, with plans to hike the Blackhead Peak, a 12,500-foot elevation peak in Colorado’s San Juan mountains.

Moore grew up around the mountains in Pagosa Springs. He was missing for around 10 weeks until a hunter found his remains on October 30 despite a rescue crew looking for him. The crew that was looking for Moore had to get flown in and out because of the rigors of the mountain. He was found about two and a half miles east of the top of the peak. Finney had lost about half of his body weight but was in good shape right by his owner. 

It is believed that Finney survived by drinking water from underground streams and capturing small animals. Finney was taken into custody by the sheriff’s office but then released to animal control before he was given to his other owners. As for Moore’s cause of death, it is still being held by the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office. 

 State – Trump’s lawyers give confidential interviews to prosecutors

On November 13, recordings of Georgia defendants talked to prosecutors on the racketeering case that involved former President Donald Trump. The video shows the former President’s desperation for power in the 2020 presidential race.

On Monday, ABC News published videos of Ellis and other Trump lawyers giving confidential interviews to prosecutors. All four of the defenders pled guilty to lesser crimes as part of the deal they had with the state prosecutors. They also told the prosecutors about a campaign making January 6, 2021, the final date for Arizona voters.

The videos showed how the defenders might act and the type of question they would ask. Kreis had said if there was evidence he won the election in 2020 he would make that his argument to the jury. An argument hard for the prosecution to challenge with a lack of evidence to prove the opposite. 

Local – Rick Ross searching for a flight attendant for his private jet

Rapper Rick Ross, a resident in Fayette County, Georgia, has announced on his social media accounts that he is looking for a flight attendant. The flight attendant will have a salary of at least $85,000. 

Ross is in need of a flight attendant for the private jet he owns. He has posted it all over his social media in hopes of finding one. With the skills that flight attendants already have, Ross is asking for other abilities such as they need to know how to perform CPR in case of an emergency. They need to be able to serve good food and have a friendly manner. 

Those who are willing to become a flight attendant for Rick Ross’s private jet can file their application and resumes. They can submit them to his email. 

Politics – Racial profiling statistics skewed by Massachusetts police practice

Victor Noriega may have been exceeding the speed limit by five to ten miles per hour. In his rearview mirror, he saw the lights of a Maynard police cruiser flashing. Once he got his ticket, on the citation marked “RACE,” the officer had entered a “W” in the box designating him as white. “White?” When informed of the label, Noriega, a Guatemalan, laughed and stated, “I’m not white. I’m from Spanish.”

For many years, Massachusetts police have consistently marked men with Hispanic last names as white on traffic tickets. The erasure distorts data that can reveal prejudice in the most frequent exchange between law enforcement and the general public, traffic stops.

According to the investigation, state and local data used to track racial profiling may become obscured if Hispanic drivers are identified as white. According to police data, almost 25% of the adult male citizens of the city who were stopped were Hispanic men. Some experts questioned if the whole reason was not just genuine faults and inadequate training.

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