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Stay warm with KICs

Is it winter yet? These freezing temperatures say, “Yes!” After bundling up and keeping cozy, check out this week’s KICs. This week includes Golriz Gahraman stepping down from Parliament, Tesla owners struggling to charge their cars, a policeman murdering a church deacon, and Trump making a vow against digital currency.

World – New Zealand MP Golriz Ghahraman steps down

Parliament member Golriz Ghahraman resigned on January 16 following three alleged shoplifting claims. She declared work-related stress is the reason.

After seeing a mental health professional, Ghahraman said she realized she is not well. The Green Party member fled Iran as a child, and was the first refugee elected in New Zealand’s government. While in the government, Green Party co-leader James Shaw claims she was subject to constant threats of violence as well as death.

Behavior toward her raises the question of how women of color are treated in and outside of the workplace compared to others, and the further disadvantages they have.

National – Electric car owners confront the cold weather

In Chicago, Tesla owners struggled to charge their cars. Drivers reported that the cold is also causing the batteries to drain quicker.

Electric vehicles have two batteries, a low voltage and a high voltage battery, but in the cold the low voltage battery has difficulty charging and remaining charged. The other challenge is that the two sides of the battery have chemical reactions that are slowed in the extreme weather. With more and more people owning electric cars, cold winters that cause drained batteries are a huge headache. 

The problem will not be going away soon. Nationwide, dangerously low temperatures, snow, and ice are expected to stick for at least the next week. Electric car owners must be prepared for this coldness and keep at least a 20% battery on the car at all times. 

State – Family files lawsuit against former cop and city

On the night of August 10, 2023, 62-year-old Johnny Hoffman got involved in a car crash west of downtown Atlanta while on his way home from bible study. The officer that responded, officer Kiran Kimrough, decided that Hoffman was at fault for the accident so he ordered him to sign a ticket for the crash. 

Hoffman thought he was not in the wrong and the two started an argument. Body cam footage reveals the argument ended with Kimbrough forcing Hoffman to the ground and tasing him.

Hoffman reportedly went silent and was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. His cause of death was determined to be homicide with heart problems being a contributing factor. 

Hollman’s family has been calling for Kimbrough to be charged with the murder. The family will hold a press conference on January 23 regarding a potential lawsuit.

Politics – Former president Trump refuses creation of federal digital currency

Wednesday night, Donald J. Trump vowed that when reelected, he would never allow the creation of a U.S central bank digital currency (CBDC). The promise means he would not allow the government to control your wallet.

Calling the CBDC a threat to the people’s freedom at a rally in New Hampshire, Trump said, “I will never allow the creation of a central bank digital currency.” Claiming that it would allow the government full control of your money to the federal government. “They could take your money. You wouldn’t even know it’s gone.”

A CBDC is a digital version of currency given by the bank, meaning the federal government would have to make a digital dollar that works and has the same value as the regular dollar. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a similar ban in Florida last May.

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