OPINION: Classical music often misinterpreted


Photo via Brentwood Home Page (Mark Cook) under Creative Commons license

Seeing a symphony perform is not the same experience as a concert. Orchestras may not perform your favorite song, but they offer a lot to learn.

Simone Bates, Staff Writer

When you turn on the radio, classic music is not something people would expect to hear. Classical music is often being thought of as boring since it doesn’t fit easily into our modern culture.

Seeing a performer in person is different than listening to music on your phone.”

— Staff Writer Simone Bates

I personally believe that not as many people enjoy it today is because many of the popular classical music being performed are slow-paced songs. Modern music today is seen as diverse, and classical music can easily be ignored and grouped in one category. There’s also more social interaction when you go to a concert rather than sitting in a quiet venue during a symphony.

But from firsthand experience, I can tell you classical music is nothing boring. Seeing a performer in person is different than listening to music on your phone. Not only does the music sound better, but you get to experience the music rather than listening to it.

I have been to the Atlantic Symphony several times and all at different ages. When you’re younger, you don’t fully understand all that goes into the performance, so as you get older you understand how much effort it takes.

Going to a symphony is a source of entertainment similar to a pop concert. It might not seem as thrilling since there aren’t flashing lights or screaming, but it is a special performance itself. Symphonies performing the same pieces have different ways of interpreting the music.

As you develop a greater understanding of chords and skill that goes into playing, the performers’ passion is understood more easily.

From being in an orchestra, many lessons can be taught and learned. Since you’re playing in a group, you have to know how to cooperate. You can’t overpower the section or be out of tune. These mistakes are often critiqued in contests, such as Large Group Performance Evaluation, something I’ve been a part of for many years.

Being in and watching orchestras are unique experiences themselves. Orchestra performances may not seem as exciting as concerts, yet they still have their own uniqueness that makes them enjoyable.

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