OPINION: What’s the point?

Counting days until summer not worth the stress

Jordan Owens

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As the school year winds down and so many people count the days left, I am not. In fact, avoid counting down the days at all cost because it serves no purpose besides stressing people out.

One thing that I have noticed since May started is that some teachers have a countdown to summer on their boards, and it is really annoying me.

I do not see the point in having a countdown when summer is so close, and everyone already realizes it. All the countdown does to the students is make them less motivated to do their work, which is exactly the opposite of what teachers want for their students as the year winds down.

It creates the mentality for students to give up on pushing until the last day.

I also do not think it is not good for the teachers, because even though they cannot wait for school to be out just like their students, it gives them that same mentality.

Waking up knowing the exact days until summer will start your day off bad, and it will start you off in this give up mentality. It just makes the days and week feel longer then what they actually are.

Not actually being in the moment by only looking toward the future will cause you to miss those final moments instead of basking in them.

— Staff Writer Jordan Owens

For me seeing a countdown every day and knowing I still have work to do in all classes makes me anxious. That countdown is only a reminder of the time that I have left to get my work done and turned in.

Plus, it is a reminder of the few more days left until grades will be finalized. Knowing that might cause even more stress to students than they already have.

For the seniors, this is a countdown to show that in a few more days all the hard work that you have put in is worth it, but it also shows that in a few more days you will not be able to see your friends every day.

Seniors need to keep in mind that they should in enjoy their final moments of high school before going off into the next chapter of their life. Not actually being in the moment by only looking toward the future will cause you to miss those final moments instead of basking in them.

Then for sophomores through juniors and some of the seniors, realize that even though summer is coming, that does mean that you are completely done with school. Next fall, you have to come back to school for another ten months.

We already there are only a few more days until summer, so there is no need to countdown.

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